Traffic Enforcement in Roseville at Five-Year Low

Traffic Enforcement in Roseville at Five-Year Low

Traffic enforcement in one Placer County city is at a five-year low.

Roseville once had 15 traffic enforcement officers patrolling its streets, but over the last seven years, budget concerns have cut the the force to just two, and police issued more than 17,000 fewer traffic citations last year than in 2008. 

"Our officers are still making traffic stops, but every traffic stop doesn't necessarily result in a ticket. Sometimes when you have a sensitive driver, like me, a good talking to is enough to change behavior. Other people need a ticket, and if they need a ticket, they're going to get a ticket," Roseville Police Spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther said. 

Gunther says the department's first priority is to keep patrol numbers up.

"Patrol is the front line of the police department. When a citizen picks up the phone and calls for assistance, it's the patrol officer that responds. It's patrol officers who take care of our neighborhoods," she said. 

Gunther says there's no statistical evidence to show Roseville's roads have become more dangerous with the reduced force, and that fewer collisions were reported last year than when the department had a larger department in 2008.




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