No Warming Center Plans at This Time

Officials in Sacramento are prepping for our cold snap, but their plans may not inlcude any warming centers.

Both the city and county have sent out the usual warnings to homeowners about taking care of plants, cranking up the heat and covering pipes, but for tonight at least, those without a place to live will have to make due with the usual options of private shelters and beds...

"we're going to monitor and work closely with the homeless providers and see what type of influx they're getting at their facilities," said Steven Cantelme with Sacramento County.

They'll analyze that information and make a decision from there.  Cantelme says it all depends on demand. There are plans in place though to open up emergency shelters in the event of any power outages that could leave whole areas without any heat.

While there are no plans for public warming shelters, there are some private shelters open:

Next Move Winter Shelter program
25 family shelter beds
Contact number: (916) 455-2160

Next Move Motel Voucher Program
Contact Fax Number: (916) 455-2195

Volunteers of America Winter Shelter Program
25 family shelter beds
Interviews conducted at Mary House(Loaves and Fishes) Thursdays 8:00 – 11:30 am
Volunteers of America information number: (916) 442-3691

Winter Sanctuary
Intake conducted at Friendship Park at Loaves and Fishes Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 12:00 am
Contact phone number is: Sacramento Steps Forward (916) 577-9770


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