Lodi Police Are Short Staffed

Lodi Police Are Short Staffed

The Lodi Police force isn't fully staffed right now. While the city's Vice Mayor has raised concern at recent council meetings, the department says keeping a full staff has its challenges.

Lieutenant Sierra Brucia says 67 of 71 positions are currently filled. He says they have had some recent retirements and attrition over the last couple years and have not been able to get back up to full staff.

Lieutenant Brucia says the numbers typically fluctuate when the department backfills positions - which isn't always easy to do.  They are looking for people that want to be police officers - which he says is rewarding yet challenging and takes a unique skill set.

Lieutenant Brucia says there's no cause for concern, the department is currently going through background checks to fill the positions and those on patrol understand how important their roles are and are working very hard for the community.


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