Group Revives Food Labeling Law Proposal

Group Revives Food Labeling Law Proposal

A group of environmental, consumer, and food groups gathered at the State Capitol this morning renewing their call for a law requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods.  The "Californians for G.E. Food Labeling" said it would allow consumers to make informed food-buying choices.

"Whether or not they want to support an industrial food system, one that relies on more pesticides, and whether or not they want to provide those engineered foods to their family and their children," said spokesman Paul Towers.

Towers continued to say that even though voters rejected such labeling in the 2012 election, the momentum from Prop 37 led to a nationwide movement that has already resulted in labeling laws in Connecticut and Maine. 

Similar bills are active in New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.    


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