Gov. Brown's Funding Plan for CA Bullet Train

Gov. Brown's Funding Plan for CA Bullet Train

Governor Brown wants to make sure there's money to keep the California High-Speed Rail project rolling, and he'll likely address that this Friday with his budget proposal.

The governor reportedly want state lawmakers to approve use of hundreds-of-millions of dollars from "cap-and-trade" credit sales, a tax on air polluters, as a way to help pay for the $68-billion high-speed rail program.  Political analyst Gary Dietrich thinks it'll be tough sledding for the governor,

"For many legislators it's going to be, 'do we want half a billion, billion more to go into this, or are the other things that are priorities for me and my constituents,'" Dietrich said.

He continued to say that even with a budget surplus, lawmakers have to have spending priorities that sell in their home district,

"The bottom line is going to be simply this: if you spend it on this you don't spend it on something else."

This isn't the first time that money has been juggled.  $500-million was used last year to help balance the budget.


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