CHP Offers Traffic Tips for Safe Thanksgiving Travel

CHP Offers Traffic Tips for Safe Thanksgiving Travel

The tips aren't new, but they'll get you through the traffic and home safely for that delicious turkey.

The No. 1 mistake made during Thanksgiving holiday travel?

"For starters, last year over the Thanksgiving weekend we lost 33 people due to collisions -- 88 percent of them were not wearing their seat belts," Officer Chad Hertzell said. 

Hertzell, a spokesman for the CHP, says the person in the car most likely not to buckle up is the driver.

"Today, Wednesday, is the busiest travel day of the year, so you've got parents with kids in the car. Kids can get distracting. If you've got two parents in the car, let the parent who's not driving handle the kids," he said. 

And when it comes to speeding...

"If you're out their speeding, we're looking for speeders. It's not worth getting a speeding ticket to get there five minutes quicker," he said. 

November 26 through the 30 is the CHP's maximum enforcement period and last year more than 1,200 people were arrested for DUI.




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