Car Registration Fee Increase

Car Registration Fee Increase

Your car registration fee may begin climbing way up starting a year from now.  The non-profit Transportation California and former Caltrans director Will Kempton are working to get a measure on the 2014 November ballot which would more than double your car registration fee.

"It would increase the fee over a four year period by 1%.  That's a quarter percent per year," said Kempton, adding,

"We're proposing to dedicate the revenues from that fee increase, solely for the purpose of road and street and transit repairs."

You currently pay 0.65% of your vehicle's value to register it with the DMV, but Kempton's group thinks the increase will raise an extra $3-billion to $4-billion a year.  They also have to gather better than 800,000 signatures to get the proposal on the ballot.

For more information, visit Transportationca.com


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