CA Students Suing State Over Teacher Tenure Law

CA Students Suing State Over Teacher Tenure Law

A reformist group is taking the state to court over how to fire teachers.  A group called Students Matter is suing to rework dismissal and tenure laws, saying they're keeping ineffective teachers in classrooms.

"There's a disparate impact on poor and minority students," said Attorney Josh Lipshutz.

Lipshutz said kids aren't getting a fair chance at an education thanks to a "last in, first out" policy for layoffs and "permanent employment" that's earned too soon.

"Even if you think tenure's a great idea for a variety of reasons, granting it after only 16 months or 18 months on the job doesn't make any sense," Lipshutz opined.

The state teacher's union says it prefers bringing change through legislation, not court battles.  The case will go to trial on the 27th.


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